3.3.17 Big News

She leaped from the toilet seat and ran around her beige living room

The dogs followed her with eyes the size of donuts

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” she said to them, smiling

The dogs cocked their ears and titled their heads

If you’re twenty-five year old daughter was six weeks

Pregnant in a neighboring state, would you talk to her?

Then perhaps, visit her and say congratulations on your little miracle?

Do you know it makes her cry when she thinks of how distant you’ve become

She knows you can’t hear the whir of its rapid growth from California

But, she imagines it and is content visualizing microscopic eyes developing

She wishes she could feel her baby’s heart beating 120 times a minute

Right now, your daughter pictures the blood flowing in its veins and an angelic face forming

Would you hang up the phone if she told you now?


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