3.12.17 Is This Happening?

I still can’t believe I am pregnant. I think because I have been sexually active for over a decade now and never gotten pregnant; I thought I must be infertile.  The symptoms definitely remind me that I am. The worst being my throat constricts at night and I wake up unable to breathe. It’s actually quite frightening. I wake up clutching my neck and my eyes are wide open like they are when someone is being choked.  I spend thirty seconds gasping and making wheezing noises as I paw around trying to find a glass of water or a lozenge.

I like the fact that food considered bad for me I am naturally not interested in eating. Yogurt and fruit are my best friends right now. When I drink coffee or have fried food I instantly feel nauseous and can’t function. I just steamed a bunch of pot stickers though, which has put me in the sofa chair with a funky feeling in my gut.

My last period was New Year’s Eve and I discovered I was pregnant March 3rd. I took a pregnancy test two weeks prior to finding out I was pregnant and the test came back negative. I took the first pregnancy test after work so it is possible I was pregnant then and just didn’t pee at the right time. Now that I am pregnant I hope that I am 10 weeks rather than 7, but I won’t know until my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.

I want my baby to be a Scorpio boy. If he’s a Scorpio then his sun sign will match my moon sign and I will click with him on an emotional level. I hope my baby is a boy rather than a girl because my Dad would be more excited about being a grandpa if he was. I know this to be true because when I moved in with my dad, he cut off all my hair and had me wearing boy’s clothes and playing softball.


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